16 February 2018

MoparŪ Connect: remote connection, top protection


With remote car control functions guaranteed by Mopar® Connect, safety and tranquillity are always within easy reach of your smartphone. A few days ago, the new development from Mopar made its debut in the Fiat 500 Mirror family


Mopar - the Official Service Partner of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brand - also manages the connected services that are available for the various models of car from the FCA group. These services combine telematic devices, touchscreens, apps and websites, using digital functionality such as navigation, entertainment, security and protection to improve the driving experience and vehicle management.
Mopar® Connect is the new set of connected services dedicated to vehicle security and remote control; it is integrated with the connected services of Uconnect LIVE (e.g. eco:Drive, Jeep Skills and TomTom LIVE), adding my:Car with new functionality, my:Assistant and my:Remote Control.


In fact, customers who choose Mopar® Connect, can make use of a range of additional services, also through the Uconnect LIVE application. Services such as roadside or even accident assistance, or vehicle location following theft. It is also possible to control some functions remotely, like locking or unlocking the doors or sending an alert if the car exceeds a certain speed limit or leaves a reference zone previously delimited on a map. Finally, Mopar® Connect makes it possible to view the location of the parked car and some information about its state, such as the battery charge, tyre pressures and fuel level. 


With Mopar® Connect services, the customer can have car data in real time and is warned if routine or unscheduled servicing is required, e.g. for the battery level or an oil change.
In the event of a road accident, Mopar® Connect immediately sends a request and provides support to activate the rescue services. A similar procedure is implemented in the event of theft: the device detects that the car is moving without a key in the ignition, activates assistance and sends a message to the Operations Centre, which will contact the customer.


Mopar® Connect is a set of services with tailor-made solutions for various customer types: from private to business users, such as entrepreneurs, freelance professionals or companies with vehicle fleets. For the latter, there is a complete Fleet Management package, to securely and effectively monitor and manage the car fleet.


The debut of Mopar® Connect took place a few days ago in the Fiat 500 Mirror family, the new range dedicated to those customers who are most interested in the world of connectivity and who are looking for the latest infotainment trends. Some enjoyable tutorials, designed for the web and distributed on Fiat's social media platforms, illustrate the functionality of the UconnectTM 7" HD LIVE touchscreen system, which is ready for Apple CarPlay and compatible with Android AutoTM as well as the Mopar® Connect services, available on request in the Fiat range for the first time.


At the same time, Mopar is launching Mopar® Connect as an accessory, which is available from Aftersales, to cover the needs of cars already on the road.


Turin, 16 February 2018



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