07 June 2017

Mopar for the new Jeep Compass


  • More than 70 exclusive accessories for the EMEA region.
  • UConnect with the new Jeep Skills app.
  • Mopar Vehicle Protection: more certitudes, more freedom, more value.
  • Services specifically tailored for fleets and business customers.


The presentation of the new Jeep Compass is now under way in Lisbon, highlighting the original compact SUV's combination of unique features:

  • Top-in-class off-road capabilities:
  • Authentic, modern Jeep design;
  • Excellent on-road dynamics;
  • User-friendly technology for on-vehicle connectivity and safety.

As on previous occasions, Mopar is closely involved in this major event, confirming the two American brands' strong partnership in the joint exploration of the world of customisation, with the creation of both exclusive accessories for the various models and one-off packages to stun visitors at showcase events.
For the launch of the new Jeep Compass, the Mopar brand is offering a series of product and service solutions, so that everyone can drive a car customised to suit their individual needs and lifestyles. And Mopar's customer-focus continues in the service network to welcome all users with skilful professionalism, guaranteeing the utmost peace of mind for the entire life cycle of the car, also using original spare parts only.


More than 70 exclusive accessories for the EMEA region

For the new Jeep Compass, the Mopar brand has developed a collection of more than 70 unique, exclusive accessories, perfectly in tune with the new model's technical and stylistic characteristics, for a fuller, more complete personalisation reflecting  the customers' different lifestyles.
All items are top quality products, reflecting the Mopar professionals' constant commitment to innovation, attention to details and eco-friendliness. Mopar is also the only brand that can guarantee full product compatibility with FCA vehicles, and above all the safety and reliability of genuine accessories designed, manufactured and tested in partnership with the FCA brands which build these models.
The exclusive Mopar collection offers scope for personalising the new Jeep model's look, with options such as 18" and 19" alloy wheels, the double patch black bonnet decal, the door sill guard with the Jeep logo.
Features that accentuate the model's sporty soul include black rock rails and sporty automatic or manual transmission pedals; while for Jeep Compass customers whose top priority is convenience there are various modules - such as protections, nets and cargo organizer - for optimal boot loading.
For customers who make the most of their leisure time with outdoor activities, the Mopar brand has created useful accessories - including bicycle, surfboard, kayak and ski racks and boxes - which can be easily installed on the roof racks, allowing Compass drivers to have their sports gear with them at all times and in all places, with complete security.
After the launch, additional features will be available including the leather gear knob and the exclusive front bumper inserts in two colours, glossy black or chrome, for combination with roof rails available in the same colour variants; furthermore, customers will also be able to fit their car with coat hooks, tablet holder, working table anchored to the head restraints and a handy organiser behind the front seat.


UConnect with the new Jeep Skills app

Available on the UConnect Nav Live Infotainment system with 8.4" touchscreen display, Jeep Skills is the innovative app developed to provide customers with real-time information about their driving performance, and also let them put their skills to the test on specific off-road courses and share the badges they win with other drivers in the Jeep Community. What's more, Jeep Skills gives customers more in-depth knowledge of their new Jeep Compass's off-road capabilities, with a clearer understanding of just what it can do, important for using all its potential to the full. The vehicle's angle, acceleration, braking and G force, as well as the wheels' position or skid, can be monitored on the touchscreen display in real time, for more direct control and more intelligent driving.
Accessing the new services is easy: the user simply selects the new Jeep Skills app, now available in addition to Facebook | Check-In, Twitter, Deezer and the other Uconnect LIVE functions, from the Uconnect LIVE main menu.
With Jeep Skills, the user can scroll through a whole series of screens: choosing "Off Road" the driver receives real-time feedback on his driving style and performance with data on a series of specific parameters including traction, roll, roll, pitch, pressure and altitude; "Gauges" delivers information on the battery level, oil pressure, temperature and steering angle; the data on the "Dynamic" screen cover the G force, the pressure applied to the accelerator/brake pedal, and the engine oil and water temperature; and last but not least "Timers" carries performance information, including 0-50 Km/h and 0-100 Km/h acceleration, braking distance and speed.
The "Favourite" option in the "Routes" menu enables the driver to display the chosen route, access useful information about it, and display his best driving performance from those saved.
Otherwise, "My itineraries" is the function used to drive and record a personal route for recall at any future time, great for enabling drivers to challenge themselves and put their skills to the test on their favourite off-road route, after which they can just press "Send" to submit their performance to all Jeep Skills users in the Jeep Community for their comments.
Drivers also have the chance to win official badges on the basis of their driving performance and targets achieved on recommended routes. The "Badges" function shows them in all, as in a virtual 'showcase'. The various ranking levels are JEEPER, awarded on first access to Jeep Skills, EXPLORER, won by submitting a performance to the Jeep Community, and SPORT CLUB MAGGIORA, awarded on the Pragiarolo di Maggiora circuit, mapped as a recommended circuit.
Jeep Skills raises the driving experience to a completely new level, making travel and off-road challenges in the new Compass a unique, even more enjoyable, safe, connected adventure.


Mopar Vehicle Protection: more certitudes, more freedom, more value

The Mopar tagline "At Your Service" also means driving with complete peace of mind thanks to the exhaustive range of service contracts offered by Mopar Vehicle Protection for FCA cars and commercial vehicles. The mission is to convey "more certainties, more freedom, more value" to customers.
Mopar Vehicle Protection ensures that servicing is performed by highly qualified, specialised technicians at authorised FCA service centres, using adequate equipment and tools and genuine spare parts only. Mopar Vehicle Protection promises to maintain the vehicles in perfect conditions with a wide range of service contracts guaranteed by FCA and designed to ensure the pleasure of driving with peace of mind.
The Mopar product portfolio contains a wide and flexible range of extended warranties and service plans. Each plan offers different options in terms of duration and mileage and is designed to meet the different driving requirements of individual customers, ensuring that the car works as efficiently as possible in the long run. These include:

  • the MAXIMUM CARE warranty extension designed to cover all mechanical and electrical components for a maximum of three years after the manufacturer's warranty expires;
  • EASY CARE pre-paid scheduled servicing package which freezes the price of routine maintenance inspections for up to five years meaning that customers will never need to skip a servicing deadline.

During the next few months, Mopar Vehicle Protection will be creating a pack specifically for the new Jeep Compass, comprising two complete services including full regeneration of the vehicle's interior and exterior, climate control system sanitisation, and a clean-out of the engine liquid circuits. This will all be offered to purchasers of the new compact SUV at an exclusive special price.


The Mopar Vehicle Protection service contracts can be signed directly when you purchase a new vehicle and can also be included in the FCA Bank financial offer (where envisaged), or at any point of the FCA authorized network. Specifically, EASY CARE can be subscribed to any time before the first service is performed, while MAXIMUM CARE can be subscribed to within 24 months from the date on which the vehicle is registered.
What's more, Mopar Vehicle Protection contracts for Fleet&Business channel customers are designed to accommodate their needs as professionals and to optimise the use of their vehicles.
Specific information on Mopar Vehicle Protection is available from all FCA dealerships and authorised workshops FCA, brand websites in the Mopar Vehicle Protection section and on Mopar Owner Centre (www.mopar.eu). In addition, if you register your car to any "myBrand" section, you will get direct access to exclusive services dedicated to your vehicle designed to make your driving experience in your car truly unique.


Services specifically tailored for fleets and business customers

During the last few years, the Fleet&Business channel has grown industry-wide at an impressive rate, and FCA is dedicating more and more attention to these customers, making investments in product lines during the last few years which have increased coverage of this market from 52% to 77% across the range.
Mopar wants to address the words "At Your Service " to this significant pool of customers as well, building a platform of tools and services aimed first and foremost at correctly profiling them in their workshops, in the digital world and in the Customer Care department, and hence to satisfy their specific needs with dedicated services and terms and conditions.
The "Fleet Project" services are available on the 10 main European markets, with dedicated FCA staff and with the aim of improving Mopar interaction with Fleet&Business customers through the reinforcement of its offering in terms of:

  • CUSTOMER INSIGHT, improving its knowledge of customers and its ability to identify them correctly;
  • COMMERCIAL CONDITIONS, dedicating specific commercial offers and terms and conditions;
  • VEHICLE DOWNTIME REDUCTION, minimising vehicle downtime specifically for those customers whose vehicle is one of their main work instruments;
  • CUSTOMER TOOLS & COMMUNICATION, reinforcing the channels of communication with customers and giving the latter all the tools necessary to simplify management of their fleet;
  • SELECTED NETWORK, developing a joint Sales and Aftersales programme aimed at identifying the FCA dealers capable of providing superior service to Fleet&Business customers.



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