19 October 2017

The new Mopar EMEA fan page goes on Facebook


The new Mopar Facebook page for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (link), a virtual space where enthusiasts of the brand can meet under the sign of authentic shared values, such as trust, dedication, innovation and sustainability, goes live. These values are the pillars of the project hosted on the most famous social media platform of the world. Well worth noting is that over one million one hundred thousand users already actively follow the Mopar® Facebook page.
Mopar fans now have a new social media address where they can discover images, videos and news about the products and services offered by the brand which boasts a well-distributed presence in over 150 countries and an extraordinary range of products and services, in addition to a wide range of accessories, genuine spare parts and service contracts, including efficient multilingual Customer Care. All this helps ensure impeccable care for both vehicle and driver, guaranteeing quality and safety in original products, made by the very people who designed and built the vehicles themselves. This makes Mopar the ideal trusted partner for all FCA vehicle owners.
Available in English, on the new Mopar Facebook page users can dialogue with other fans worldwide and share their enthusiasm for aftersales products and services. Information, news and promotions will be added to the fan page over time. Furthermore, some posts will link users to other FCA brand social media pages, creating a beneficial cycle among users of all areas of the Group, perfectly in harmony with the "At your service" concept that characterises the new Mopar communication and reasserts the customer-centred focus of all its products and services.
The new Facebook page confirms the intention of Mopar to make its customers' digital experience more engaging, while offering them faster, more comprehensive services which are in line with the most recent new technologies. A demonstration of this is the new Mopar institutional website (http://www.mopar.eu), innovative tools such as Online Booking for fixing appointments at authorised workshops directly on the web and the private areas ("my Alfa Romeo", "my Fiat", "my Fiat Professional", "my Jeep", "my Lancia" and "my Abarth") which can be reached from the FCA brand websites dedicated to owners and users.
The strategy of Mopar to improve and make the motoring experience unique now extends to social media, offering a new channel for effectively providing answers to diverse needs and requirements.


Turin, 19 October 2017


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